Belgian student Cas De Schinkel will be CEO of the Adecco Group Belux (for one month)

The Adecco Group offers unique work experience for young people at the start of their careers

The 22 year old Cas De Schinkel from Aalter has not yet finished school but will take on the role of CEO of the Adecco Group in the Belux as of 21 June. But just for a month. With this initiative, the HR service provider is offering unique work experience to young people before their professional careers have even started. More than 1,000 young people applied this year and have been through an extensive selection procedure in recent months. Cas, who studies business economics at Ghent University, can expect an intensive month when he takes over the role of country manager Jan Dekeyser. 

This is the seventh time that the HR service provider has organised the ‘CEO For One Month’ initiative. In recent years, more than 10,000 young people from Belgium and Luxembourg have registered to have a chance of winning this unique assignment, with the aim of giving their CVs a serious boost. Previous winners have gone onto secure top jobs at companies such as the Coca Cola Company, Google and the Adecco Group itself. 

Candidates undergo various intellectual, psychological and practical tests and assignments in which the Adecco Group tests their managerial capabilities, business acumen and social skills. Only one candidate gets the chance to follow in the footsteps of Jan Dekeyser, country manager of the Adecco Group Belux, for a month at the end of the journey. The business economics student is therefore delighted that he was able to convince the professional jury of his abilities.

"As someone who is still at school, you can't really imagine what the 'real' life of a CEO is like. Generally speaking, you can't just start working in a job like this either. I therefore consider this to be a unique opportunity to be immersed at the highest level of the business world and I am eager to grasp it with both hands. Without a doubt, this will be an instructive experience which will benefit me for a long time to come."

Cas De Schinkel, CEO of the Adecco Group Belux for 1 month

CEO’s Agenda

The fact that the Adecco Group's initiative builds a direct bridge to practical opportunities is also proven by the busy schedule of the CEO For One Month. From early morning to late at night, Cas will attend various meetings and calls, will contribute to the development of corporate strategies, and is called upon to help solve daily business issues. The Adecco Group also believes that the 22-year-old student should be compensated in a way that befits a CEO. Therefore, he is also issued with a company car. 

"The future of work and our economy is in the hands of our youth. We therefore want to give tomorrow's leaders as many opportunities as possible today to develop their skills, knowledge and insights. With this initiative, we are going to the highest end of the spectrum. We learn a great deal from this process too and are challenged every year by our CEO For One Month. I am very much looking forward to working with Cas over the next month."

Jan Dekeyser, country manager of the Adecco Group Belux

15 July is the last day for Cas, but that may not be the end of his adventure. Several students in 50 other countries are also going to work as CEOs for a month. From this group, Adecco Group will select one candidate who will spend a month at the helm of the global HR service provider alongside Belgian CEO Alain Dehaze.

Cas De Schinkel

CEO 4 One Month, The Adecco Group

Joris Willems

Projectverantwoordelijke CEO 4 One Month, The Adecco Group

Sonia Frey

Head of Human Resources and External Communication, The Adecco Group

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