First Belgian appointed as chairman for CENELEC

Dany Sturtewagen boosts Belgian influence in electrotechnical standardization

CENELEC, the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization, has elected Dany Sturtewagen as its new president. Sturtewagen, Niko Group's Director of Corporate Affairs, would like to focus on this committee for the next three years, in order to help improve the standardization of systems where electronics and ICT communicate. It is the first time that a Belgian is made president of the European umbrella organization.

During the annual meeting in Edinburgh, the new CENELEC president was elected by the 34 countries making up the organization. No small responsibility for Dany Sturtewagen, because CENELEC has an important role to play for European consumers. For example, it draws up standards to which electric devices and household appliances within Europe must adhere. The fact that we use 230-volt alternating current in Europe is one of the countless standards that CENELEC ensures.

"Standardization is a process in which all parties involved make mutual agreements. The industry must continue to blaze trails, internationally too. Moreover, electrotechnical products and ICT are communicating with each other more and more via the “Internet of Things”. There, too, standards are required."
Dany Sturtewagen

Stronger voice in the electrotechnical sector

In 2016, Dany Sturtewagen was already elected president of CECAPI, the European Committee of Electrical Installation Equipment Manufacturers. With Sturtewagen now helming CENELEC, our country will have increased clout with regard to the European policy in the electrotechnical industry.

Thanks to the appointment, Belgian company Niko—where Sturtewagen holds the position of director of Corporate Affairs—will be able to reinforce its profile as a specialist of smart and connected technologies, reduced energy use, and increased light comfort and safety.

"As a country, we're known for finding a consensus uniting different countries' standpoints and then coming up with a unanimous conclusion. We want to continue creating standards with CENELEC. They will bolster trade between countries and support the European single market."
Dany Sturtewagen

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