Restructuring completed: A.S.Adventure Group becomes Yonderland and is thus ready for the future

Yonderland*, the new name for the parent company of the Belgian chains A.S.Adventure and Juttu, among others, has formally completed the financial restructuring with the shareholders and banks. The group is using this move to strengthen its future. In addition to the debt rescheduling, Yonderland will also receive a capital injection of EUR 25 million and the Board of Directors will be expanded with two new members: Daniel Ropers (former CEO of and Robert Bensoussan (former CEO of L.K. Bennett and member of the boards for Lululemon and Celio, among others). 

Additional strength 

As a result of the financial restructuring, the banks have acquired an interest in the chain, but the majority of the shares and the decision-making process remain in the hands of the French investment company PAI Partners and the current management of Yonderland. Frederic Hufkens, the Group CEO of Yonderland, announced earlier that the new division will not change anything operationally.

“This financial procedure gives the international group extra strength to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic and, above all, to further develop the planned growth strategy. A future in which the stores remain the heart of the organisation and the omnichannel strategy is refined even further. This was part of the impetus behind our decision to expand the Board of Directors with Daniel Ropers and Robert Bensoussan. I am very much looking forward to working with these two experienced CEOs from the retail and fashion industry.”

Frederic Hufkens, Group CEO of Yonderland

Growth strategy 

Kris Horrevorst, Group CFO at Yonderland, is pleased that the negotiations – which started in the autumn of last year – have now been concluded.

“Strong online performance and a very loyal customer base proved the strength and reliability of the various store concepts. As a result, the entire group remained profitable in 2020. Our retail brands have become even more popular in recent months as the pandemic has enticed even more people to discover the outdoors. We want to grow by selectively opening new stores and also expanding our e-commerce platforms.”

Kris Horrevorst, Group CFO at Yonderland

Expansion continues     

Even during the Covid crisis, A.S.Adventure and Juttu remained true to their ambitions. A.S.Adventure Waterloo (March 2021) and Turnhout (November 2020) moved to new top locations with more space for the unique A.S.Adventure experience. And on 13 May 2021, Juttu will open a temporary Summer Store in Knokke with a unique summer mix of ‘brands for friends’: selected women’s fashion, beach goodies, decorative items, beauty, and gifts. In the autumn, Juttu will move the pop-up concept to Leuven with a new winter outlook. 

 “Two new store locations for A.S.Adventure and the introduction of pop-up stores for Juttu are an unmistakably positive sign that our strong store concepts are holding their own in more difficult times. The Juttu Summer Storre will be the ultimate go-to shopping destination for those who already feel the siren song of summer. The Covid crisis has shown us more than ever that we are an operational and flexible company. And this is the best possible way to thank a team of passionate employees, the driving forces behind our concepts, and a strong management team. We can only be proud of that. So we’re completely ready for the future.” 

Bea De Beuckelaer, Managing Director at A.S.Adventure and Juttu


*New name for holding company 

Yonderland is the new name of the international A.S.Adventure Group. The countries retain their own operational retail brands at the national level: A.S.Adventure and Juttu (BE/LUX/FR), Bever (NL), Cotswold Outdoor, Snow+Rock and Runnersneed (UK/IE). Yonderland stands for a positive world in which we are always discovering and open to wonder (Yonder means ‘in the far distance; over there’).

Greet Anthoni

Media & PR manager, A.S.Adventure

Sander Vanlouwe

PR Consultant, Bepublic

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