Technology start-up BioStrand raise 2 million euro in new capital

Founders Globachem invest in Belgian technology that makes genetic research more accurate and accessible

The Belgian start-up BioStrand has raised 2 million euros from K&E, the investment fund of Koen Quaghebeur and Els Paesmans, founders of the crop protection company Globachem. Cegeka CEO Stijn Bijnens will be on the start-up's Board of Directors. Biostrand uses the investment to commercialise its revolutionary genetic data analysis technology. The technology will stimulate innovations in precision medicine, biotechnology and agriculture.

BioStrand, founded in February 2019, is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Dr. Dirk Van Hyfte. In 2011 Van Hyfte sold his company i.Know as well as its technology concept making large amounts of unstructured data accessible, to the American data platform builder InterSystems. Over the past 7 years, he and his wife Dr. Ingrid Brands developed the technology to detect genetic similarities and variations. Both sons Arnout and Ewald Van Hyfte also play an active role in the company.

“We are proud and humble at the same time to have completed this round of financing of 2 million euros. It enables us to further expand our development team and scale our solutions to industrial products this summer. We are currently conducting a series of beta tests with various universities and research departments. Our technology can revolutionise the genetic research at R&D departments at pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic, agrochemical and food technology companies.”
Dr. Ingrid Brands, CEO and co-founder of BioStrand

Technology enables R&D departments in life sciences and biotech

The focus on family values ​​and the agrochemical applications of BioStrand technology caught the attention of the founders of Globachem. Koen Quaghebeur and Els Paesmans will play an active role in addition to their investment to help BioStrand achieve its ambitious goals. Among other things, they guide the commercial strategies, especially in the life sciences and the crop protection market.

“We have been searching for a pioneering technology in the bio-scientific field for some time now. BioStrand is everything we have been looking for: an exciting technology concept, a skilled team with a strong strategy and a work concept that we also test in our own R&D department.”
Koen  Quagebeur, Director Globachem   

“As investors, we always look at how commercially viable an opportunity is. In addition, there are also more idealistic reasons for our commitment: society will benefit greatly from the use of breakthrough solutions such as that of BioStrand. The technology makes genetic research much more effective and less complex.”
Els Paesmans, Director Globachem

Stijn Bijnens, CEO Cegeka, is member of the Executive Board BioStrand  

BioStrand not only raised new capital. It also welcomes Dirk Witters and Stijn Bijnens as members of the Executive Board. Stijn is CEO of the international IT group Cegeka, and until recently CEO of LRM, an investment company that plays a crucial role in stimulating economic growth in the province of Limburg, Belgium. Dirk developed a career in corporate and investment banking at KBC Group. He was CEO of KBC's activities in France. At KBC Securities he was responsible for the group-wide approach of large family businesses. Under their mentorship, BioStrand expects to grow into a global player that will revolutionise genetic research. 

About Biostrand    
BioStrand offers a revolutionary methodology for identifying similarities and variations in genetic data and detecting structural anchor points that will drive innovation in precision medicine, drug development and agriculture. The BioStrand methodology enables unprecedented accuracy in detecting similarities and variations in DNA, RNA and proteins. By detecting HYFTSTM, structural 3D information is automatically integrated into the analyses, revolutionising pattern and profile detection that are critical in unraveling diseases and biological processes. 
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About Globachem    
Globachem is an agile and dynamic business active in crop protection. They help  farmers and horticulturists to optimise their production by developing a broad range of out-of-patent and innovative crop protection agents, and by registering and marketing those internationally. As an international family-owned company, they contribute to the production of sufficient and safe food for the growing world population, and this at the lowest possible ecological footprint.  
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About BioStrand's founders
Co-founder, Ingrid Brands, CEO, PhD in neurorehabilitation, well-established career and background in rehabilitation medicine, extensive expertise in research and high-level management. 

Co-founder, Dirk Van Hyfte, CTO, PhD in medical artificial intelligence and a background in psychiatry  and research. Serial entrepreneur. His biggest current success is IKnow founded in 2000. IKnow was acquired by Intersystems in 2010. Dirk was invited to support InterSystems as Bio-Medical advisor. 

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